Cartoonist Belittles Bush Africa Commitment

As NB's Matthew Sheffield wrote last week, rocker/activist Bob Geldof praised President Bush for doing more for poor Africans "than any other president so far." Geldof also chided the American press for not reporting enough on the efforts by the President to deliver billions in aid to fight disease and poverty in the ailing continent.

Now look at this awful cartoon by syndicated cartoonist Joel Pett from this past week. Apparently in the eyes of Pett, the President's unwavering commitment to Africa is no more significant than a small bouquet of flowers. Ugh.

Geldof is right-on in his assessment of the American media. As Pett's cartoon illustrates, the media is simply defiant in giving the President credit where credit is due. Read more about the Bush administration's commitment to Africa here.

Dave Pierre
Dave Pierre is a contributing writer to NewsBusters and the creator of