LAT Article Questions Literacy Of Those Who Protest 'Golden Compass'

The protests against the forthcoming anti-religious film, "The Golden Compass," are "fundamentally ridiculous" and are perpetuated by "America's religious fear-mongers." That's according to Laura Miller in an opinion article in the Los Angeles Times (Sun., 12/2/07).

But that's not all. Writing about the various e-mails that Christian groups have sent to warn the public about the disturbing themes in "Compass," Miller spews:

[Y]ou have to wonder how much actual reading goes on in the sort of household that welcomes e-mails like the ones denouncing 'The Golden Compass' ...

Good ... grief. Just when you thought the level of condescension could not get any worse at the Times.

The man behind The Golden Compass is a British author named Philip Pullman. The forthcoming movie is based on the first book of Pullman's trilogy called "His Dark Materials." Quite simply, Pullman has openly declared, "My books are about killing God" (source) and "I'm trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief" (source). So is it any wonder at all why Christians are determined to warn believers about this film?? The ads for the film, which stars Nicole Kidman, give no hint of its troubling underlying themes. Many viewers could be duped into thinking it's just another innocent made-for-children fantasy flick. Hence the warnings by various Christian groups and individuals.

Apparently, Pullman's books have been a hit in Britain for a number of years. Miller adds, "What's really astonishing, and telling, is how long it's taken America's religious fear-mongers to notice Pullman."

Well, Laura, not everyone keeps up to speed on the latest in children's literature across the Atlantic. Pullman is on this turf now, and what's really astonishing is your arrogance and ignorance.

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