Journalists Liberal? Just Ask Huffington Post

The latest issue of the media mag American Journalism Review gives a wee hint to the leanings of journalists. A study showed that the No. 1 blog read by political reporters is ... the lefty site

The communications firm Brodeur interviewed 69 political reporters and it showed both HuffPo and DailyKos in the top five ahead of the one conservative site,

Here are the top five in order:

  1. Huffington Post
  2. Real Clear Politics
  3. Talking Points Memo
  4. Daily Kos

AJR also interviewed seven political writers and found their top choices. USA Today's Chuck Raasch listed both HuffPo and Townhall. And ABC's Jake Tapper had a list of 11 blogs he prefers including, HuffPo, Kos, Instapundit, NRO's The Corner and, of course, Newsbusters.

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