A Good News/Bad News Joke on All of Us

The MRC's Free Market Project is releasing a study today showing how badly the media have covered the economy during Bush's second term. The study shows that 62 percent of the broadcast network stories about the economy are negative. That doesn't sound so bad until you realize that almost half the positive stories are undermined with negative news. Reporters say that Bush isn't getting any bump from the good economy. This explains why. The networks cover negative issues like gas prices, the housing "bubble" and layoffs far more than good news like job growth, GDP growth or low unemployment.

The study itself is going out as the lead piece in the first issue of FMP's new newsletter, The Balance Sheet. Newsbusters readers can sign up for the newsletter and get access to a free special report on media coverage of business as well. The entire study will be posted on the Free Market Project site later today.

Broadcast Television
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