Highlights Negatives of GOP Candidates

It's quite interesting how words the bios of the various presidential candidates. Interesting in that the Republican candidates have negative comments included, whereas the Democrats do not. Case in point: Here are the GOP candidate bios (my emphasis):

John McCain: The U.S. senator from Arizona ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2000, but lost to George W. Bush.

Mitt Romney: The former Massachusetts governor made an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate in 1994.

Rudy Giuliani: The two-term mayor of New York City once ran for the U.S. Senate, but dropped out in 2000.


Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are spared direct negatives like those above. However, none of the Democrat contenders has any such "minus" statements:

Hillary Clinton: The former first lady is now in her second term as the junior senator from New York.

Barack Obama: The former lawyer and state senator won a U.S. Senate seat in Illinois in 2004.

Mike Gravel: The former U.S. senator from Alaska now heads up a non-profit firm promoting civics and education.

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John Edwards, who is no longer listed on the candidates' page (as his campaign is currently "suspended"), still has his bio listed: "The former U.S. senator from North Carolina was the Democratic 2004 vice presidential candidate." The other former Democrat contenders also do not have any defeats mentioned like the GOPers, only that they "once ran" for an office (like president, in the case of Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich).

If CNN was consistent, Hillary Clinton's bio could have read "The first lady of only the second president to have been impeached ..."

Mike Gravel's bio could have had a blurb about his unusual -- and unsuccessful -- run for the vice-presidency in 1972.

And, of course, John Edwards's could have mentioned his unsuccessful run as John Kerry's veep candidate in 2004.

UPDATE: updated the candidates page right before I was able to do that screen capture. Giuliani is no longer listed on the "in the running" section, but his bio can still be viewed by scrolling down towards the end of this page.

(h/t to NB reader Brandon.)

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