Surge Working? Yes? Send a 'No' Vote Anyway, a service of Capitol Advantage and Knowlegis LLC -- "private, non-partisan companies that specialize in facilitating civic participation" -- seems to have a partisan problem. This past weekend, their main page featured its "Hot Topics in Congress," and the subject of the Iraq "surge" was featured prominently (including a pic of John Murtha).

Notice the two links shown. Now, if you think the surge is indeed working, you'll click the "Yes, the surge is working" link, right?


But here's what you'll see next:

"No, the surge is not working"? After being alerted to this by NB reader "Awe-Sum Ed," I checked out the site immediately and the erroneous link still was in place. I e-mailed notifying them of their error and asked them to change it ASAP. It's been over two days now, and despite this "surge" story not being featured as prominently as it was this weekend on's main page (but there's still a link to the story under "Hot Topics in Congress"), the "Yes, the surge is working" link still goes to the "No, the surge is not working" page.

Voters can take "further action" by e-mailing President Bush, Robert Gates and their senators and congresspeople -- that a "yes" vote actually means "no," that is.

There is a box to add some text if voters wish; however, I can just imagine the confusion on lawmakers' faces when they see a [surge] "no" vote coupled with voters' written reasons why the surge is working. Got that?

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