A Story So 'Earth-Shaking,' It's Highlighted Four Times!

Were you aware that embattled Idaho Senator Larry Craig has been inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame? If you journeyed over to MSNBC.com, you couldn't miss [this AP] story; their 8:30am EDT update highlights it not once, not twice, not three times, but four times in different sections of their main page. Here's one from the "Inside MSNBC.com" segment:

Then there's the "Recommended Stories" link:

Followed by the "U.S. News" link:

Then, lastly, the "Politics" story:

Of course, if you go just by the headline, you might be left pondering just what the heck Idaho is thinking. If you actually manage to read the story, however, there are some quite relevant facts. First, this honor was considered months before Craig's well-publicized airport bathroom stall encounter. Second, there is currently quite a bit of dissension as to whether Craig should still receive this honor, including among those in Craig's own political party.