Let the Word Go Forth

In the words of that great American philosopher, Larry The Cable Guy, “WE GOT-R-DONE”!!!

Osama bin Laden sleeps with the fishes, and the best military on the planet has kept a promise President George W. Bush made to the American people almost a decade ago. He said, “I don’t know if it will be tomorrow, or next month, or next year, but we will get him.”

Mission accomplished.

What began on President Bush’s watch was finished on President Obama’s watch, and hats off to President Obama for going against many of his advisors and authorizing the raid and not hiding behind a missile or smart bomb which would have made it extremely difficult, if not impossible to prove that bin Laden had actually been killed, even if the Pakistanis had given us access to the site of the bombing.

There are lots of reasons for being glad about the demise of bin Laden, but to me one of the most important is that the United States of America has for the first time in fifty years pursued a declared military action to fruition.

Beginning with Korea, our military actions have been abandoned in midstream and our foreign policy has been muddy and designed to meet limited political ends, and did not finish the job that most Americans thought we had set out to do.

The divided Koreas, and the volatility of the north Korean powder keg stands in testimony to the fruits of an unfinished war.

The Bay of Pigs fiasco, Vietnam, the first Gulf War and our refusal to deal with Iran when they took American citizens hostage, have all come back to take a bite out of our posteriors.

There was never a lack of military ability in any of these situations, just the absence of political will and a clear-cut goal of what we wanted to accomplish.

Which brings me to my main point. Our nation should never initiate any military action without a clear-cut description of what victory would be.

In World War II we set out to destroy the Japanese and German war machines and occupy their countries for as long as it would take to make sure they were no longer a threat to the free world.

We knew what we were trying to accomplish and it worked.

President Reagan set our to defeat the Soviets in the arms race. We did it and they did indeed “tear down this wall.”

In Korea we split the Korean peninsula enabling a demented monster to develop nuclear weapons.

Kennedy refused air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion, and for the last half century one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean has been ruled by a cruel dictator who would still be exporting revolution if the Russians hadn’t gone broke and stopped financing Castro.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that even in assassination the Obama administration has to be so politically correct, making sure bin Laden had a regulation Muslim funeral complete with Islamic cleric to say the last rites or whatever it is they do.

And why didn’t we take Bin Laden’s wife into custody, wouldn’t she have been a wealth of information?

It’s time to stop worrying about offending the sensibilities of the Islamic fanatics and started annihilating them.

They show us no respect and should not expect to receive any. These are the people who video tapes the beheading of American citizens, who put a contract on the life of a cartoonist who draws a picture of Mohammed they don’t like.

These are the same people who murder their daughters for some perceived dishonoring of the family, the same people who hang bodies off bridges and burn them.

The same people who brutally gang raped a Western journalist who was doing nothing more than covering their revolution in Egypt.

These people have no sensibilities to offend. All they respect is power.

I think Navy SEAL Team Six just showed them some. Hooyah!

Let’s go after Anwar al-Awlaki while the boys still have the choppers warmed up.