How Long?

I keep wondering how long Its going to take the United States Of America to wake up to the fact that there is a rank, naive, incapable, idealistic novice at the wheel of the ship of state and that ship is steaming toward the rocks at 100 knots.

With Obama in charge when you get up in the morning you never know what the headlines are going to be, if he's going to propose another ruinous entitlement program or join the likes of France in an unnecessary military adventure or his
Justice Department is going to propose another terrorist show trial or sue one of our sovereign states for protecting itself from illegal immigration.

Or if maybe he'll nominate another communist to a position of power or call another police department stupid and result in wasting the time of the most powerful man on earth trying to placate a situation by of all things having a beer with the parties involved.

I wonder how long it's going to take the people of this nation to learn that elections are not to be taken lightly and sending comedians and crooks to Capitol Hill to make the law of the land and spend our hard earned tax dollars on their self serving projects is not funny.

How long will it take America to understand that we will never defeat our enemies fighting a politically correct War on Terror? While the Obama administration is so concerned about using non-offensive language and not insulting anybody, our enemies blow up innocent people and decapitate helpless captives.

While our Secretary of Homeland Security refers to murdering scumbags in cowardly passive terms, they call us "The Great Satan" and laugh at the soft underbelly the Obama administration exposes to anybody with a couple of sticks of dynamite and a blasting cap.

How many setbacks must America suffer before the people understand that this nation has got to stop living on credit cards and passing an unpayable debt and federal bankruptcy to the next generation.

Can you imagine what some place like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital could accomplish with 1% of the money Obama's stimulus wasted. There could have well have been a cure for leukemia or sickle cell anemia or AIDS any of the number of catastrophic illnesses they're trying to eliminate.

Now what would serve mankind better, a cure for cancer or making that all the infrastructure repair work is done with union labor?

Oh, and by the way, did you happen to hear about the Justice Department's gun running sting that went awry and some 1700 heavy caliber rifles and handguns ended up in the hands of Mexican drug lords and were used to kill several people, some Americans included.

Of course Obama was quick to say that neither he nor Eric Holder authorized it? Any attorney who would have an operation of this magnitude, crossing international borders in his department and not know about it is incompetent to say the very least.

There is no way that Americans can imagine what chaos Obamacare is going to wreak on this nation if it isn't abated. Obama said it himself; it might be better to give grandma a pain pill instead of a pacemaker.

I only hope that when and if it happens the people will remember the names of the traitors in Congress who sold out their constituents and votes for this disaster against their wishes.

I know I'll never forget the name of the Tennessee turncoat who voted for it.