Remind Me Why, Mr. President

The other night I watched President Barack Obama make what I considered to be a very lame, uninformative, petulant and hypocritical speech concerning our recent incursion into Libya.

Lame because his reasons for going into Libya, in my humble opinion, were not valid.

Now I’m not at all opposed to deposing a despot, I’d like to see every cruel dictator in the world hanging from a tall tree, but where do you draw the line between Muammar Qaddafi, Kim Jong-il, Hugo Chavez, the Mullahs in Iran, the pillaging, armies in Somalia and our so called friends in Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.

They are all cruel and repressive regimes and when it comes to cruelty nobody deserves relief more than the women of the Sudan who are routinely raped by hundreds of troops, and yes I mean that literally, hundreds of soldiers rape the same woman, sometimes severing their limbs to prevent resistance.

How about the people of North Korea who have lived on a starvation diet for half a century, had to cut down all the forests in their country to keep from freezing to death and are afraid to raise their voices above a whisper in opposition to the silly looking idiot they have to call, ”Dear Leader?”

If you want to look around you can find people who are much more helpless than the rebels of Libya and much worse treated people without oil who don’t have a NATO coalition to make sure it keeps flowing.

Which makes me think that Obama’s decision was prompted more by politics than protection.

Uninformative, because what the war-weary people of America want to know is, will American lives be at risk is it in our national interest, how long are we staying and how much is this going to cost.

The truth of the matter is that it is definitely not in our national interest, we are not threatened by Libya and they are not a big oil supplier to the U.S.

It was in France’s national interest since they are a primary source of oil for them, so in my humble opinion, France should have taken care of the problem without involving America.

Obama had every excuse to turn the French down. It’s not as if they had a lot of troops in Iraq orAfghanistan and they have plenty of military capability to knock off Qaddafi’s little toy army.

Petulant, because Obama had to try to make everybody remember how many years we’ve been in Iraq and draw the analogy to how soon we’re going to get out of Libya.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Mr. President. That can of worms is still open.

Hypocritical because I thought from Obama’s point of view any move against a Muslim nation was used as a recruitment tool for terrorists.

And lastly but most dangerous of all:

What are you going to leave behind, Mr. President? How are you going to keep al-Qaeda and the Islamic crazies from taking over the government in Libya and for that matter Egypt and all the other nations that are revolting in the Middle East?

You’re not going to be able to put American troops in all these countries to insure democratic elections, the French dang sure ain’t gonna do it and if you’re looking for the United Nations to do anything meaningful you may as well be waiting for a Brahma bull to give birth to twin llamas.

I personally think you made a big mistake, Mr. President. I don’t think we were needed, I don’t think we accomplished anything and I think you set a dangerous precedent that you cannot live up to.

What you’ve done is aid our enemies, to hasten the day when the area is taken over by radical Muslims who are blood enemies of America.

And when they start stoning women, cutting off fingers and heads and repressing the population are you going in to free the people?

You’ve bitten off a lot, Mr. President. Lets see if you can chew it.