Behar on Limbaugh: ‘It’s Like Making Michael Vick Own the American Kennel Club’

With Rush Limbaugh now out of a group vying to purchase the St. Louis Rams, the continued smearing from ABC's "The View" on October 15 constitutes a late hit.

Whoopi Goldberg said that Limbaugh was dropped as a potential buyer because they're not "pleased" with him: "It actually might not be about conservativism. This one might be personal." She also claimed that Limbaugh is "part of the mainstream media."

Joy Behar added that Limbaugh likes to "be the victim" and, making Limbaugh owner of the St. Louis Rams would be like "making Michael Vick own the American Kennel Club."

Sherri Shepherd flaunted her complete ignorance on the topic by pointing to Limbaugh's "Bloods and the Crips" as proof he's racist. If Shepherd had actually read the context surrounding the quote, she would have known that Limbaugh was talking about the classlessness of some professional football players, not about race.

NewsBusters has a roundup on the left's efforts to smear and marginalize the talk show host here.

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