Stop the Bickering, Kiddies! Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

Don't you just love it when The Washington Post lays bare its bias for all to see?

Today's lead editorial scolds those naughty Democrats, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for slinging mud at each other, and pleads with them to "move the discussion to a higher plane" for the sake of the Party.

Heaven forbid the Party should tear itself apart months before a presidential election! Can you imagine the Post demanding that John McCain and Mitt Romney stop lying about each other to maximize the GOP's chances of winning in November?

Like so many Big Media reports about the Martin Luther King Jr. spat, the Post editorial bends over backwards to be fair and balanced, pointedly avoiding any hint of favoritism for either Hillary or Barack. Just like Mom breaking up a fight between Sis and Junior.

Obama does absorb the hardest slap: "...abetting his supporters in their mischaracterizations" about Hillary's remarks "might help him secure a large majority of the black vote ... But it isn't good for his party." Ouch!

Hillary takes a good whack too: "[Clinton supporter Robert Johnson's] veiled jabs only serve to stoke the theory that the Clinton campaign is subtly playing the race card ..."

The biggest problem with the campaign coverage so far is the media's widespread giddiness about the "historic" first-ever serious female and African-American presidential candidacies. The media are so captivated by these historic firsts that they aren't bothering to tell the voters what they really need to know, what the candidates will do if they're elected.

MRC's culture arm, the Culture and Media Institute, plans to hold the media accountable this year for telling us where the candidates plan to lead us, especially on cultural, moral and character issues. To read a more detailed story about media coverage of the Hillary-Obama fracas, and what it says about Big Media's values, click here.