CBS to Act Out MSNBC's 'Insane Right Wing Fantasy' – 'Knockout Game'

Tonight’s (March 14) Blue Bloods on CBS (10 PM EDT/PDT) will center a plot around the “knockout game,” in which assailants whack people on the back of the head to knock them unconscious and then rob them, a crime which MSNBC and the left have mocked the Fox News Channel for covering. The CBS drama stars Tom Selleck, as New York City Police Commissioner “Frank Reagan,” and Donnie Wahlberg, as his son, “Detective Danny Reagan.”

Video after the jump of the promo, for the March 14 episode, “Knockout Game,” run at the end of last Friday’s episode.

On the March 6 All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, Michelle Goldberg of The Nation ridiculed concern withe the crime, citing “knockout games, which is this insane right-wing fantasy that kind of black kids are roaming the street punching people for no reason as part of a game to see who they can knock out.”

Back on December 23 on his show, Hayes offered his nomination for the “over-covered” story of the year: “The Fox News/Drudge obsession with the so-called knockout game.”

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