Schieffer Aghast McCain Called Obama ‘the Most Naive President in History’

President Barack Obama naive on foreign policy? Perish the thought! CBS’s Bob Schieffer seemed appalled that Senator John McCain dared to describe Obama as the “most naive President in history.”

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, Schieffer demanded: “Senator I want to ask you about something you said the other day, you said that President Obama, and I believe these are your words, ‘the most naive President in history.’ Did you mean that literally, or how did you mean that?”

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McCain responded on the February 23 program:

I meant it in my time in public life, when you look at the so-called Geneva farce that was just a terrible joke where we expected for Bashir Assad to come to Geneva and arrange for his own transition from power, when he was winning on the ground, was ludicrous. We now find that it was as far as Iranian nuclear situation, they’re not going to dismantle a single centrifuge. The Palestinian-Israeli peace talks are obviously going no where. And American influences on the wane throughout the world.

Best example is yesterday or the day before the President said that this had nothing to do with a cold war. The issue, the situation in Ukraine. In the eyes of Vladimir Putin it does. He wants to restore the Russian empire. Remember, Putin’s the guy who said the worst thing to happen in the 20th century was the fall of the Soviet Union. And he continues to want to push that reset button and not realize what kind of people we are dealing with.

And finally, the best example I can tell you, my friend, is that we lost 96 young Americans in the second battle of Fallujah, soldiers and Marines, 600 wounded. We now have the black flags of al-Qaeda flying over the city of Fallujah.

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