Saturday Night Funny Video: Putting the Wrong Guest Expert on Air

Another entry in my semi-regular series of Saturday night humor postings for NewsBusters drawn from the clips Bret Baier runs at the end of FNC’s Special Report which he and his staff usually select from video montages picked up off the late night comedy shows.

With few to draw on from the past week since Iowa coverage meant Baier only ran a humor clip on a couple of nights, for this one a jump back to mid-July for a clip which got a lot of Web play at the time, but if you didn’t see it then here’s your chance to watch a TV anchor dealing with putting the wrong guest on air.

This stars Michael Wolff, the liberal media observer who founded, wrote a biography of Rupert Murdoch and serves as editorial director for Ad Week magazine. As run at the end of the Thursday, July 14 Special Report anchored by Shannon Bream, a clip FNC credited to for what occurred on a BBC newscast:

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