Another Side of NBC’s David Gregory: He Screams ‘Unleash the Fury!’

David Gregory is best-known as the calm, if liberal, host of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday mornings.

But he’s also a fan of the Washington Capitals hockey team and as a local celebrity, along with Pat Sajak, he volunteered to help cheer on the team with its “Unleash the Fury!” in-game presentation centered around actor Tom Green reprising the line from the same scene he played in the movie Road Trip.

Here, so you can see a different side of Gregory this Sunday morning, is a three-second video clip of Gregory screaming “Unleash the Fury!”


A Comcast SportsNet cable channel story about the making of the in-game video.

Some background, from the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg, on how the phrase came to be used by the Capitals.

— Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow him on Twitter.

Brent Baker
Brent Baker
Brent Baker is the Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and VP for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center