Rush Limbaugh Leaves Hospital ‘Feeling Strong and Rested’

Late Friday morning Hawaii time, Rush Limbaugh appeared before cameras at Honolulu’s Queen’s Hospital to announce his discharge and that he’s feeling fine, revealing he had an angiogram and “they found absolutely nothing wrong.”

In “A Message from Rush to His Listeners” posted on his Web site, Limbaugh shared:

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts over the past several days. Today, I am leaving Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu, feeling strong and rested. I offer my deepest thanks to the staff and administration there, who provided excellent care and supervision.

I'm going to take several days of rest over this weekend and the early part of next week, and will be back on the radio with you sometime next week, taking the advice of so many of you to rest and fully recover., the joint site of Honolulu’s CBS and NBC affiliates, has video of the key two minutes of what Limbaugh said with a doctor standing beside him. The Fox affiliate, KHON-TV, has the full four minutes.

The accompanying text story on KHON-TV’s site reported: “Limbaugh did not take any questions but a CNN reporter asked him if he had resumed taking pain medication for his bad back. Limbaugh chuckled and issued an emphatic ‘no.’”

Limbaugh’s site points visitors to YouTube video of FNC’s live coverage of Limbaugh’s 4:20 PM EST appearance.

On Friday’s CBS Evening News, fill-in anchor Jeff Glor noted:

Limbaugh said he’s received the quote “best treatment in the world” and that there’s quote “not one thing wrong with the U.S. health care system.”
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