Weekly Standard: Obama Honeymoon Not Over -- at Least at Washington Post

“Voters might be experiencing buyer's remorse over President Obama-51 percent disapproval rating in the current Rasmussen poll -- but the mainstream media are keeping the faith,” The Weekly Standard magazine's “Scrapbook” page noted as it reproduced, in its September 21 issue, “the main headlines of the Washington Post for the two days before the President's health care speech to Congress and the morning after.”

Reminding its readers the headlines were not over op-eds or “news analysis” pieces, but “from the main, front-page news stories in each day's edition,” the un-bylined item expressed frustration at how “it's not easy to choose our favorite among the three,” though “'Obama Speech Aims to Reenergize Effort” certainly wins the award for fatuousness.” The magazine, however, decided:

The blue ribbon is bestowed on “President Says His Critics Lack Health-Care Answer,” which manages to combine fawning deference to Barack Obama with a vague, slightly incoherent slap at Americans who have the temerity to dissent from the vague, slightly incoherent details of Obamacare.
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