Liberal Media Bias Lampooned Again in Online Comic Strip

On a summer Saturday night, with NBC continuing to run SNL re-runs, I'm catching up with a liberal media bias theme from earlier in August in the conservative online comic strip, “The Gentleman from Lickskillet,” by Allen and Tuma. Back in April they also had a week featuring the 'Mouthful' TV show with guest Howland Fonebone of 'Group Think' magazine.

The August 3-8 strips revolved around the “unbiased newsmagazine.” In one entry, an editor looking for a “wide range of opinion,” wonders whether the magazine should run “more stories on the President and his beautiful family?”or “more stories supporting the President's agenda?” or “more stories exposing the President's corrupt opponents?”

Sounds just like a staff meeting at Time or Newsweek.

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