CBS: 'Unpatriotic' Works, Even Against Purple Heart-Earning Kerry

Demonstrating how the mainstream media will view criticism of Barack Obama through the prism of past attacks on Democrats they consider illegitimate, Dean Reynolds concluded a Sunday night CBS Evening News story on Barack Obama by suggesting Democrats are well-justified in fearing Republicans will succeed in portraying Obama as “out of the mainstream,'” which Reynolds described as “code for 'unpatriotic'” in forwarding the red-herring, since it has worked “even against those who've received the purple heart.” To make his reference clear, as he spoke viewers saw video from the 2004 campaign of John Kerry.

Reynolds had relayed how Obama has “been mocking suggestions that he's out of the mainstream.” CBS then played a clip of Obama, in a stump speech, repeating the questions about him: “'We're not sure he shares our values.' 'We haven't seen him wear a flag pin lately.' 'His former pastor said some terrible things' and so, you know, 'can we really trust this guy?'”

Next, Reynolds ended his May 4 story from Indianapolis:

But 'out of the mainstream' is a charge Republicans habitually make against Democrats. It's code for 'unpatriotic.' And it worries Democrats that it's been so effective against their candidates in the past -- even against those who've received the purple heart.

Of course, the criticism against Kerry in 2004 was initiated by other Vietnam veterans who doubted he properly earned the purple heart his campaign touted as a qualification over George Bush. And accusing conservatives of charging that liberals are unpatriotic is a common method liberals and some journalists, like Reynolds, use to discredit conservative criticism of the policies espoused -- and values held -- by liberals.

Which legitimate, significant political figure on the right has accused Barack Obama of being unpatriotic?

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