Vieira's Friends Only Considered Voting for Clinton or Obama

Catching up with a revealing comment from Monday morning, the day before the New York primary, Today show co-host Meredith Vieira recalled how over the weekend in her suburban New York town she was “with a group of friends” who “were trying to choose between Clinton and Obama.” She then recited how those for both liberal candidates cited the “electability” of their preferred candidate, but Vieira didn't say anything about having any friends struggling between John McCain and Mitt Romney. Could that be because she doesn't have any friends close enough to hang around with on weekends who would consider voting Republican?

In the February 4 interview session, with Democratic strategist Paul Begala, Republican operative Mike Murphy and Michele Noris of NPR, Vieira included her weekend activities in a question:

Let me tell you something that, that came up yesterday, I'm in the super market in my town, and people are talking and I was with a group of friends who, actually were trying to choose between Clinton and Obama and the, for example, the ones who were for Clinton said, "Well I want to vote for her but I think I'm gonna vote for Obama because I think he, he can win the general election." And then some of the Obama people said, "Well I'm gonna vote for Clinton because I think she's gonna win." So how much is electability gonna be a factor tomorrow?

Vieira lives in a town in Westchester County, New York. Vieira's blog.

The MRC's Geoffrey Dickens alerted me to Vieira's telling disclosure.

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