'Top Ten Signs Your Presidential Campaign Is in Trouble'

From the January 4 Late Show with David Letterman, the “Top Ten Signs Your Presidential Campaign is in Trouble.”

10. When asked what you'd do about Iraq, you say, "Do I Rock?"

9. You're often described as "John Kerry without Charisma"

8. Many of your supporters have been hospitalized because you ordered your campaign buttons from China

7. You've been running negative ads about yourself

6. Only Endorsement you've received was from "Burrito Afficionado" magazine

5. When reporting caucus results, media refers to you as "Other"

4. Meet the Press appearance turns ugly when you put Tim Russert in a headlock

3. Budget director blew most of your campaign funds betting on the Knicks

2. You've primarily been campaigning in Canada

1. You often ask, "What would George W. Bush do?"

One of Letterman's guests Monday night: Mike Huckabee, in his third late night appearance in less than a week. He was on NBC's Tonight Show last Wednesday evening and on CBS's Late Late Show the next night.

And this week's Late Show “Top Ten Contest” topic: “Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Mike Huckabee.” Submit an entry by Thursday for a chance to win a T-shirt.

Winners will be posted on Saturday.

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