Suspicious Package on Ferry, Yet Seattle PI Still Won't Run Photos of Wanted Men

The Seattle Post Intelligencer is carrying an AP report of a suspicious package found on ferry, but still hasn't published the photos of two men the FBI is seeking in order to question them about their suspicious surveillance-type activity aboard several Seattle-area ferries in recent weeks. The AP report in the P-I says the details of the contents of the suspicious package "were not immediately available, but the Seattle Times' report, by a Seattle Times staffer, says Trooper Cliff Pratt of the Washington State Patrol's bomb squad, described the package, found rolled in carpet in a ferry bathroom earlier Wednesday morning, as possible remnants of a bomb that had not functioned correctly.

Meanwhile, ABC News is now running a story on the search for the mystery men, noting that, "In April 2006, the Washington State Ferries system was ranked among the nation's most sought-after targets for maritime terrorism by a Justice Department inspector general."

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