EMILY's List Says GOP 'Believes Women Belong in the Kitchen'

According to The Politico, EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock will blast the Republican Party for being "anti-woman" in a speech before the Women's National Democratic Club this afternoon.

Schriock will reportedly talk about how the number of female lawmakers in Congress might decline this year, echoing a front-page USA Today headline from Monday that claimed "Elections are likely to trim number of women in Congress."

In fact, the number of women running for Congress is at a record high this election season, thanks to a significant increase in female Republican candidates. There are over 100 women running on the GOP ticket for House seats alone.

But that hasn't stopped EMILY's List from continuing to portray conservatives and Republicans as chauvinistic.

Blasting the GOP as a "party that believes that women belong in the kitchen," Schriock will reportedly say that "This year may be the first year in 30 years that the number of women in Congress decreases. And the possible result could be truly devestating: Speaker John Boehner."

"It's not John Boehner, but the extreme Republican majority he would lead," Schriock will continue. "Republican leaders with positions so extreme, they would have been disqualified 20 years ago...This is the party that earlier this year sent out a mailer asking folks to take Congresswoman Betty Sutton out of Congress and 'send her back to the kitchen!'"

Schriock will reportedly also add that, "John Boehner can only take the speaker's gavel from Nancy Pelosi, by defeating the Democratic women you and I have worked so hard to elect. And by discouraging women voters so much that they stay home on November 2nd."

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