CNN Anchor Accidentally Calls Ambassador 'Michael Bolton'

<a href="/media/2005-09-14-CNNLF-Phillips.wmv"><img vspace="0" hspace="0" border="0" align="right" src="/media/2005-09-14-CNNLF-Phillips.jpg" /></a>In a report on the United Nations summit during the 1pm hour of CNN’s <i>Live From</i>, anchor Kyra Phillips confused the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., <a href="">John Bolton</a>, with another well-known Bolton:<p /><blockquote><p>Kyra Phillips: &quot;Now, I've seen <a href="">Michael Bolton</a> sitting behind the President. Obviously not now, we're looking at different live pictures. Are we going to hear from him? Or have we heard from him?&quot;</p><p>Richard Roth: &quot;Well, you may -- you're not going to hear him sing. I think you said Michael Bolton, John Bolton the US ambassador-&quot;</p><p>Phillips (embarrassed): &quot;John Bolton. Richard, thank you so much. You're taking me back now to, what, the early '80s? My goodness.&quot;</p><p>Roth: &quot;Yes, and this ambassador has much shorter hair.&quot;</p><p>Phillips: &quot;And no relation, right? Maybe we should make that clear.&quot;</p><p>Roth: &quot;No relation. Though some of his remarks has -- have caused some hair-raising reaction from advocates for some groups....&quot; </p></blockquote>
Transcript continues below. Video available in <a href="/media/2005-09-14-CNNLF-Phillips.wmv">Windows</a> or <a href="/media/2005-09-14-CNNLF-Phillips.rm">Real</a>.<p /><p>
<!--break--> At the conclusion of his report, Roth suggested another musician he could look out for at the U.N.</p><blockquote><p>Phillips: &quot;...Richard Roth, keeping me on my toes, stay tuned in with us. Let us know what happens, and definitely let us know if you have any sightings of Michael Bolton. I truly would appreciate it.&quot;</p><p>Roth: &quot;Alright. How about <a href="">Kenny G</a>, or anyone like that?&quot;</p></blockquote>