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By Clay Waters | | December 21, 2016 | 1:17 PM EST

In their Tuesday New York Times off-lead “news analysis,” reporters Jonathan Martin and Michael Wines tried to keep anti-Trump hope alive in “Trump’s Win, But Little Else, Is Now Settled – A Vast Divide Persists After the Electors Vote.” Bill Clinton, a former president, was posed as preaching truth to power. Another reporter took pains to explain that "Trump had an advantage in the traditional battlegrounds because most are whiter and less educated than the country as a whole."

By Tom Blumer | | December 21, 2016 | 1:01 PM EST

As one would expect, there is plenty to criticize in Stephen Ohlemacher's Monday evening coverage of Donald Trump's achievement of an Electoral College majority earlier in the day.

This post will concentrate on Ohlemacher's questionable counting of "protesters." A separate post looks at a very revealing failure in the wire service story's photo collection, in a graphic showing how the structuring of the Electoral College allegedly disfavors high-population states, which are (supposedly) predominantly blue. It doesn't show that at all.

By Sam Dorman | | December 21, 2016 | 12:32 PM EST

As with the economy, government intervention can have unintended consequences. In Europe, the push to go green actually endangered lives through noxious air pollution. London, Paris and European governments “aggressively promoted diesel vehicles,” The Washington Post reported on Dec. 20. Why? For the environment, of course. Governments used policy to steer people away from carbon-dioxide emissions and toward diesel as the better choice.

By Maggie McKneely | | December 21, 2016 | 12:22 PM EST

Shocker: there’s another Disney movie that the media wishes were more liberal than it actually is. When J.J. Abrams hinted earlier this year that the latest Star Wars film could feature a gay character, and then GLAAD decreed that the franchise needed more LGBT representation, many in the media were elated and had high expectations for Rogue One. When the film was finally released last week, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus were pegged as the characters that Abrams must have been alluding to. 

By Matthew Balan | | December 21, 2016 | 12:16 PM EST

Wednesday's CBS This Morning deemed a Facebook post from Senator Bernie Sanders worthy of a 55-second short report. Norah O'Donnell noted how the left-wing politician "criticized some of the Cabinet picks" from President-Elect Donald Trump. She quoted from Sanders, who asserted that "the American people are going to have to organize and fight back against this reactionary movement toward oligarchy." Alex Wagner also cited how the Vermont senator "singled out" two of the nominations in particular, and zeroed in on how the EPA pick is "a skeptic of climate change."

By Jay Maxson | | December 21, 2016 | 11:46 AM EST

As we close out a year in which the news media worked overtime to earn the public’s contempt, spare a thought for their little siblings at the Sports Desk. Sports hacks are just as liberal, insular and arrogant as their “hard news” colleagues, and their desire to be taken seriously means they inject politics and ideology into issues where they just don’t belong.

By Kristine Marsh | | December 21, 2016 | 11:34 AM EST

As if the New York Times didn’t already issue enough corrections, they did it again Wednesday. After publishing a long-winded rant in Tuesday’s paper calling for the Electoral College system to be abolished, the editorial board was forced to apologize for making inaccurate claims about the paper’s historical stance on the Electoral College.

By Brad Wilmouth | | December 21, 2016 | 10:56 AM EST

On Tuesday's The Situation Room on CNN, substitute anchor Brianna Keilar not only worried that President-elect Donald Trump was "jumping the gun" by calling the attacks in Turkey and Germany "radical Islamic terrorism" too soon "before any information was out there," but she also fretted that Trump was "dangerously close to making this look like a religious war."

By Katie Yoder | | December 21, 2016 | 10:17 AM EST

It’s never a good sign when you infuriate both sides of the abortion issue. Lena Dunham found out the hard way: Hollywood breaks boundaries on abortion every day, but certain limits do still exist.  

By Jorge Bonilla | | December 21, 2016 | 8:00 AM EST

From time to time, reports come out that are so counternarrative that they merit an extended look. Just such a story caught our attention on a recent edition of Noticiero Telemundo. It was shocking to see a gun ownership story that featured no link to a domestic gun control agena item, that didn't blame Mexico's cartel violence on the Second Amendment, or went without blaming the "very powerful " NRA for yet another failed infringement on our right to keep and bear arms.

By Karen Townsend | | December 21, 2016 | 12:16 AM EST

In Tuesday’s season two finale of Fox’s Scream Queens, titled “Drain the Swamp,” two random political references are tossed into the story. Perhaps that should have been expected, given the title of the episode – one of Trump’s campaign slogans, and the show’s history of political name-dropping.

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham | | December 20, 2016 | 11:51 PM EST

Two months ago, the liberal media erupted in horror after the third presidential debate when Fox’s Chris Wallace challenged Donald Trump to accept the election results, and Trump said he would “wait and see.” NBC described a “flood of condemnation” and cited President Obama accusing Trump of “undermining our democracy.’ Today co-host Savannah Guthrie called it an “earthquake.” Guthrie turned to retired anchorman Tom Brokaw to denounce Trump. “This is not a banana republic,” he said.

By Nicholas Fondacaro | | December 20, 2016 | 11:39 PM EST

Seemingly desperate to find a new angle to bash President-Elect Donald Trump Tuesday, NBC Nightly News leaped onto accusations by TMZ that the Trump family were selling access. “Tonight the Trump transition team is pushing back after a new controversy involving the president-elect's sons,” hyped Anchor Lester Holt, “After reports surfaced that are raising questions about whether they were planning to swap big money charity donations to gain access to their father.” 

By Curtis Houck | | December 20, 2016 | 10:56 PM EST

On the Tuesday edition of the Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Media Research Center president Brent Bozell and the show’s “All Star Panel” collaborated for a thorough trashing of the news media for their “sick, twisted,” and “ridiculous” narrative that the Electoral College could stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

By Nicholas Fondacaro | | December 20, 2016 | 9:16 PM EST

With seemingly nothing else better to report with regards to U.S. politics Tuesday, CBS Evening News chose to whine about how President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet is comprised of millionaires and billionaires. “He's nearly finished with his cabinet, and outside national security, the billionaire president has surrounded himself with billionaires,” remarked Anchor Scott Pelley leading into Julianna Goldman’s report.