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As a result of the Supreme Court’s partial upholding of President Trump’s travel ban, the liberal media has been forced to search for new arguments as to why it remains cruel and unjustified. The answer by the New York Daily News only demonstrates the severity to which the paper is suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. Consider for a moment, the possibility of us living in a parallel universe where the ban applied to Trump’s grandchildren.

Joy Behar is proud to be on Trump’s hate list. “It’s like being on Nixon’s enemy list,” she told Late Night host Seth Meyers. The long-standing host of The View spent all six minutes of her Late Night appearance talking about the POTUS and how she felt about him. In an attempt to promote her new book, coming out in October, which will, according to her, be all about Trump, she listed off her interactions with him.


Just days after the Supreme Court passed through a watered-down version of President Trump’s temporary “travel ban,” CNN put out a Facebook Live video with Elmo from Sesame Street talking about the plight of Syrian refugees. In the video, CNN journalists are shown sympathetically asking Elmo about his experience visiting a refugee camp in an obvious attempt to spin an anti-Trump message to kids. On Thursday’s The View, the liberal hosts defended CNN and Sesame Street, insisting the video had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with “humanity.”

Having a bad day? Well, you’ve come to the right place. On Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, conservative pundit Mark Steyn hysterically dismantled CNN’s Russia coverage, arguing it was worse than their Malaysian plane coverage and the only plot twist left is for “Anderson Cooper and Elmo in the CNN space ship” to save “Earth...from the rupture in the space time continuum.”

Much to the outrage of her left-wing viewers, on Wednesday and Thursday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle actually sat down with five doctors who voted for Donald Trump to talk about the Republican health care reform plan. As Ruhle posted clips of the exchange on Twitter, liberals came out of the woodwork to condemn the discussion. On Thursday, the host was forced to rebuke critics.

One of the more annoying aspects of establishment press news coverage is how willing so many journalists are to accept obviously bogus statistics. One recent example was seen on June 20 at the Washington Post. At its Wonkblog, Christopher Ingraham (and presumably his editors) blindly accepted a statistic on children's exposure to violence which anyone in touch with the real world should have recognized as obviously wrong, namely that 1 out of 24 children "witnessed a shooting" in the past year.

Climate alarmist and former vice-president Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Sequel is getting updated to slam President Donald Trump’s withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. An Inconvenient Sequel, as its name suggests, is a follow-up to Gore’s inaccurate 2006 climate change film An Inconvenient Truth. The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement was the climax of Sequel.

Appearing as a panel member on Wednesday's CNN Tonight, CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley was negative on Republican efforts to replace Obamacare as he called the effort a "tar baby" for President Donald Trump and asserted that it would "gut" Medicaid and "leave 20 or 22 million people without health care." Former RNC official Mike Shields was left as the only one of four guests to offer a right-leaning point of view on the issue with the other three guests leaning left.


All three networks on Thursday excitedly hyped the “harsh greeting” Donald Trump received as the President attended a fundraiser in Washington. ABC, CBS and NBC promoted video of protesters chanting, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” and holding up gargoyle-esque puppets of the Republican. 

Swedish-born Tomas Witmore directed the video for “Immigrants” – a popular track on the Hamilton Mixtape. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed the video on NBC’s “Today” show June 28, and left-leaning media immediately pounced on a chance to get political.

The liberal media remained in damage control mode Thursday as they sought to contain the ever-widening blast radius emerging from CNN. Bret Stephens from the New York Times arrived on the set of Morning Joe to decry the White House’s attack on the media. Stephens defended CNN by claiming that the growing scandal merely represented a “mistake.”  Co-host Joe Scarborough went even further in his criticism of the President by labeling his criticism of the media as “Stalinist.”

CNN continues to whine that President Trump’s attacks on the media are a threat to democracy itself. Clearly, the media, especially this network, do not take criticism well. On Thursday’s New Day, CNN political analyst and Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief John Avlon went on a hyperbolic rant that portrayed the president as a “sinister,” “Orwellian” figure.

Keith Olbermann has recently made public his grievances with media bias on Trump, but don’t get too excited because his nutty argument is that the liberal press is not going far enough in exposing “the worst set of crimes in American history.”

When California filed charges against pro-lifers investigating Planned Parenthood, the liberal media readily covered the news. But when a judge later dropped most of the charges, the broadcast networks didn’t say a word. It’s called a blatant media double-standard.

On Tuesday's The 11th Hour with Brian Williams on MSNBC, it was another case of an alleged Republican pushing a left-leaning point-of-view instead of a conservative one as The Atlantic senior editor, former George W. Bush speech writer, and recurring MSNBC guest David Frum argued against Republican efforts to make substantial changes to ObamaCare. At one point, he even admitted he only considers himself a Republican because of foreign policy issues.