Whoops! MSNBC's Diaz-Balart Blanks on Rick Perry's Name

Of all the names that it would be embarrassing for an MSNBC network host to blank on, Rick Perry's would have to be at the top of the list.  How countless many times has the Lean Forward network had fun at Perry's expense over his "whoops" moment during a 2012 presidential debate?

But that unfortunate fate befell Jose Diaz-Balart today, hosting his own new MSNBC show.  The topic was the way in which Ted Cruz and Perry would potentially fight over Texas donor dollars if they were to both run for president.  Diaz-Balart got Cruz's name without problem, but when it came time for Perry's, Diaz-Balart stumbled multiple times before giving up and just generically referencing him as the "Governor of Texas."  Whoops indeed! View the video after the jump.

Now in fairness, Diaz-Balart is in fact an astute fellow.  This was definitely just one of those brain freezes that could happen to anyone.  But still, the irony is—to quote our dear late colleague Noel Sheppard—delicious!

NOELLE NIKPOUR: So it's going to be very interesting to see where these dollars actually decide to land for the 2016 presidential with these guys.

JOSE DIAZ-BALART: And I want to bring in Jimmy Williams, is with us, we always have a debate and a chat with both sides. Jimmy, good to see you.  So Cruz and, and, you know, and, the, the Governor of Texas, are they going to have a problem in finding out which one of the people on the conservative side support one over the other?

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