Univision News Howls 'Anti-Immigrant' At Proposed Wisconsin Laws

Univision News' national broadcast continues to howl at any legislative attempt to protect local communities by enforing our immigration laws. The latest instance comes from efforts in Wisconsin.

Wednesday evening's newscast featured a story about two enforcement proposals recently filed in Wisconsin: one to ban sanctuary city policies, and the other to ban local governments from issuing official alternate ID's to illegal immigrants.

Anchor María Elena Salinas' introduction to the story was less incendiary than her late-night counterpart, which we covered last week. The "anti-immigrant" framing was presented indirectly ("activists say"...), as opposed to Ilia Calderón's direct indictment of Florida's HB675 (which overwhelmingly passed the House but seems destined to die in the Senate). Nonetheless, the screengrab above (which reads "anti-immigrant proposals") reflects a reversion to classic form.

This time, at least, the reporter managed to get a statement from the bill's author:

VIVIANA AVILA, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: The bill's sponsor, Republican John Spiros, says the status of a person would only be looked into if they are arrested for a crime.

HON. JOHN SPIROS (R-WI): It is not an anti-immigration bill.

VIVIANA AVILA, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: It's not an anti-immigration bill. It's a bill to protect all residents, says the legislator.

...and that concludes the story's coverage of support for the bill. The rest of the story was devoted to varied denunciations of discrimination and racism, and to publicizing the upcoming "Day Without Latinos" at the Capitol in Madison. The story did not feature any defense of the bill or of the Rule of Law, so I'll just link this one- from the guy who will sign these bills into law if they pass.

It is also worth noting that this Wisconsin story aired on the eve of the Democratic presidential debate in Milwaukee, which featured an extended colloquy on immigration.

It is an ever-present reminder that, for all the surrounding digital acquisitions buzz, an open border is still central to Univision's existence. 



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