Gutfeld Calls Out Russell Brand for Lecturing Black Conservative on 'How to Be Black'

When far-left, white, British comedic actor Russell Brand scolded a black WSJ political commentator, Jason Riley as “freakish” and a “betrayer” of his race for not buying into the liberal narrative on the death of Michael Brown, Brand probably didn’t realize how racist and arrogant he came across.

In the video posted to Brand’s Youtube channel Aug. 21, he mocks Riley’s “white” sounding voice and mimicked Riley, saying,“I am a convenient African American who will betray my racial roots for Fox News!” Since the mainstream media never reports on these revealing confessions made by liberal actors, Greg Gutfeld did on Fox News’ “The Five,”Aug. 26.  

Calling Brand  “left-wing commie scum,” Gutfeld tore into the liberal actor, who given all his diatribes about race, Republicans, and Sean Hannity, apparently wants to become an MSNBC talking head.

“You know it's bad when a left-wing commie scum named Russell Brand actually weighs in. He actually lectured Jason Riley, who is black, on how to be black. He accused Jason Riley of betraying his racial roots because he asserted some conservative perspective about what was going on. He also said Jason Riley probably lives in a white neighborhood and went on to mock Jason Riley's white-sounding voice.”

Gutfeld noted the irony of Brand telling Riley he should be acting or thinking a certain way because he’s black, while not holding Gutfeld himself (whom Brand also attacked in the video) to the same standard, as a white person. 

“The interesting thing is Brand went after me as well, but he didn't mention my race. He only mentioned Jason's race, which makes him a racist. Now, meanwhile while this is going on, while Russell Brand is lecturing the United States on bigotry, the deadliest form of bigotry, Radical Islam, is spewing from his homeland, but he's too much of a coward to focus on that and to say something like that because he dressed as Osama bin Laden on 9/11. He is a coward. He should talk about what's going on in his home and not in ours.”

Russell Brand is not shy about making his biased attitudes towards conservatives and Fox News known. He regularly vlogs on his YouTube channel about political issues, nearly always finding a way to bash Fox News in the process. A few weeks ago he attacked Fox News’ “angry viewers” and in June he called Fox “worse than ISIS” and a “fanatical terrorist propagandist organization.” Brand is so deluded, that he even called MSNBC “extremely conservative.”

Gutfeld is mostly alone in calling Brand out for his statements. Liberal media outlets laud his videos, but leave out the offensive and extreme parts. For example, Raw Story wrote on the exact August 21 video in question, but conveniently left out Brand’s most condescending statements towards Riley. Mediate also wrote on Gutfeld’s reaction to the video, mocking he “just couldn’t stand” Brand’s criticism. Similarly, on ABC’s “The View’ June 26, the lone conservative guest host Will Cain criticized Brand’s previous comments about Fox News and ISIS, and the other hosts jumped all over him.

Kristine Marsh
Kristine Marsh
Kristine Marsh is an analyst for the Media Research Center's News Analysis Division.