Time.com Web Poll: High Gas Prices Good or Bad?

Screencap of Time.com from June 11, 2008 | NewsBusters.orgLast week I noted how Time.com posted an unscientific poll on its Web site asking readers to vote whether "gas and heating oil [should] be rationed until prices come down." At the time I lamented that it "serves to further the MSM's fear-mongering about the economy while banging its left-wing drum beat about oil and gas prices."

Today the magazine's Web site is asking another gas price question, with two options that play to extremes. "Is $4-plus gas" either a "disaster for the economy" or a "boon for environmentalism" asks the poll.

What, no third option for "both"? After all, a disaster for the economy resulting in a steep recession would surely do wonders for reducing America's carbon footprint!

So far nearly 6-out-of-10 respondents have said it's a "disaster" for the economy, which must be bad news for global warming alarmists that our friends at the Business & Media Institute have documented.

What's more, as BMI archives show, media bias in favor of high gas prices isn't anything new.

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is the Managing Editor for NewsBusters