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By Erik Soderstrom | February 1, 2016 | 8:00 AM EST

NBC’s You, Me and the Apocalypse centers around an eclectic cast of characters as they receive the news that a comet will hit the Earth in 34 days, ending all life on the planet. Rob Lowe stars as the chain-smoking, foulmouthed Father Jude, the Vatican’s newly re-empowered “Devil’s Advocate.”

By Rich Noyes | February 1, 2016 | 7:11 AM EST

A new analysis by the Media Research Center finds Trump continued to receive the vast majority of TV news coverage throughout the month of January, leading up to tonight’s crucial Iowa caucuses. An examination of all campaign coverage on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from January 1 through January 31 finds Trump received nearly 157 minutes of airtime, or almost 60 percent of the total coverage of GOP presidential candidates. With January now in the books, Trump’s entire campaign has thus far received a whopping 736 minutes of coverage on the three evening newscasts, nearly five times as much coverage as his nearest competitor.

By Karen Townsend | February 1, 2016 | 6:00 AM EST

In the episode “Judged,” CBS’s The Good Wife turned again to highlighting how the Left curtails freedom of speech.

Liberal lawyer Diane (Christine Baranski) came to the defense of a big client’s daughter over a college newspaper op-ed. The student defended Israel against the leftist student council’s vote to divest from Israel and boycott Israeli goods from settlements – more university “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” nonsense.  

By Curtis Houck | February 1, 2016 | 1:29 AM EST

While Hillary Clinton has not agreed to interviews with recordable Fox News journalists (and two-time debate moderators) Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace, the Democratic presidential candidate called in to MSNBC on Sunday night for an interview with disgraced former NBC Nightly News anchor and current MSNBC breaking news anchor Brian Williams.

By Curtis Houck | January 31, 2016 | 11:58 PM EST

All three cable networks had extensive coverage on Sunday night for the eve of the 2016 Iowa caucuses and with Hardball host Chris Matthews among the cast of characters on MSNBC, there was no shortage of notable comments ranging Matthews admitting that he has “butterflies out there in the locker room” ahead of the vote to gushing that he “like[s] Hillary personally and politically.”

By Karen Townsend | January 31, 2016 | 11:57 PM EST

On Friday’s season finale of Undateable, all the stops were pulled in the hopes of growing their small audience big enough for NBC to renew the show. With “The Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar,” a two-part season finale, the super popular 1990’s boy band may have helped them do just that.

By Brad Wilmouth | January 31, 2016 | 11:48 PM EST

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, GOP presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were both on the receiving end of HBO comedian Bill Maher's latest anti-conservative vitriol as he called Cruz a "creep" and a "practiced liar" while comparing Rubio's religious beliefs to those of the terrorist group ISIS.

By Tom Blumer | January 31, 2016 | 11:36 PM EST

A Sunday morning report by Associated Press political writer John O'Connor acts as if the the sordid history of fiscal irresponsibility in the State of Illinois is a new development brought on by a stubborn Republican governor in just the past seven months.

What hogwash. The state has had a large backlog of delinquent unpaid bills for a decade, if not longer. Five years ago, a Democratic governor and a Democrat-dominated legislature enacted steep income and property tax increases, promising that the additional taxes raised would enable the state to whittle down the unpaid backlog, solve the state's horrific unfunded pension liabilities problem, and generally right the fiscal ship. Naturally, they did no such thing. O'Connor also didn't find any of the tax or bill-delinquency history worth recounting in his 800-word report.

By Curtis Houck | January 31, 2016 | 10:54 PM EST

On the Iowa caucus eve edition of ABC’s World News Tonight, Republican campaign correspondent Tom Llamas had another lead story that focused heavily on frontrunner Donald Trump, but also featured a bizarre question to Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Tex.) as he was leaving an Iowa church about praying for his opponents like Donald Trump and fellow Senator Marco Rubio (Fl.).

By Curtis Houck | January 31, 2016 | 9:43 PM EST

Sunday's World News Tonight on ABC and the NBC Nightly News on the eve of the Iowa caucuses (with golf on CBS) previewsed the Democratic race. ABC parroted Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of e-mail scandal as a partisan hit job while NBC touted an “exclusive look” at a smartphone app that will be utilized by the Clinton campaign.

By Tom Blumer | January 31, 2016 | 9:04 PM EST

In trying to explain the current situation in Venezuela, the Washington Post's Matt O'Brien, in a post at the paper's Wonkblog, also inadvertently identified two reasons why authoritarian socialist tyrants like Huge Chavez and Nicolas Maduro are able to achieve and retain power.

The formula is simple: When you first gain power, garner international and media goodwill by giving stuff away, like housing and gasoline. That wlll earn you props from the likes of O'Brien and liberals everywhere who have come to believe that doing so "is a good idea in general." Meanwhile, you can work in the background to overturn whatever checks and balances your country's political system might have. If the populace finally figures out what you're really up to and rises up in opposition, they can't stop you — even if your party gets blown out in elections and takes over what has become, thanks to you, an impotent legislature.

By Jorge Bonilla | January 31, 2016 | 5:40 PM EST

In addition to amnesty, abortion on demand also gets a plug on Univision.

By Tim Graham | January 31, 2016 | 5:34 PM EST

Washington Post drama critic Peter Marks made a splash in their Sunday Arts section touting how America's musical-theatre sector is taking on the "nativist wave" coming from Donald Trump. From a revival of West Side Story to the hip-hop Founding Father musical Hamilton, actors are taking to the stage to underscore how American the newest Americans are:

By Curtis Houck | January 31, 2016 | 5:32 PM EST

On a special hour-long Sunday edition of CNN’s Inside Politics, panelist and National Journal writer Ron Fournier resumed his strong disdain for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump by lambasting him as having “bigoted” and “sexist rhetoric” for a man who makes “irresponsible comments” which exhibit “his shallowness on policy.”

By Curtis Houck | January 31, 2016 | 4:01 PM EST

Seeking to bring Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal into the panel segment of CNN’s State of the Union from Iowa on Sunday, conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt expressed skepticism about the final Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll for the Democratic side since it was taken before it was revealed that 22 e-mails from Clinton’s server were found to be top secret.