L.A. Actor Running for Congress… And He’s Republican

Conservative actors in Hollywood are few and far between. Although some are afraid to express their political views for fear of ostracism, Antonio Sabato Jr. is not one of them.

On Monday, GOP Strategist Charles Moran confirmed the news that Sabato will challenge Democratic incumbent Julia Brownley for a seat in California’s 26th congressional district. His platform will focus on veterans and substance abuse.

Moran, Sabato’s fundraiser, told the Los Angeles Times that the actor decided to run after speaking at the Republican National Convention in August 2016. While there, Rome-born Sabato vocally expressed his support of Donald Trump for president. The consequences were immediate. 

“I had some projects lined up and basically they pulled those projects out because of my affiliation with the Republican Party,” he explained to Fox & Friends.  

“They actually asked my agent,” he recalled. “One of the questions was ‘Are you actually gonna represent your client after he got back from supporting Donald Trump?’” 

Sabato, a former Calvin Klein model, is best known for his dating show Oh Antonio and his stint on Dancing With the Stars. He also acted on the shows General Hospital and Melrose Place.

But like Donald Trump, he might soon add “politician” to his resume. 

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