Identity Politics Attack: Gay Media Leaves out LGBT People of Color

The modern left has invented yet another trivial complaint: everyone should be on a magazine cover.

LGBT advocates have found another problem with the media’s representation of gay people: racism.

Gay men stormed Twitter Monday evening to point out that even gay media often feature white men on magazine covers to the exclusion of people of color.

Black queer rapper Mykki Blanco retweeted Sony music songwriter Jesse Saint John, who said, “‘Gay media’ needs to reevaluate their content when the major corporations' ad campaigns they're covering are more progressive than them.”

Blanco continued, “I wonder everyday if ‘Gay Media’ in 2016 are at all embarrassed when you go to their websites/content and it’s only shirtless white guys.” So do we, but clearly for different reasons.

The conversation adopted the label #GayMenSoWhite with others complaining that gay people of color are not considered sexy and even some straight men are featured on gay magazines instead of LGBT colored people.

“I’ve been waiting for #GayMediaSoWhite for years!! I'm SO tired of the whitewashing of queer and trans narratives!! QTPOC deserve better!,” said wuerco, ‎@AndyyyyE.

Other pro-LGBT personalities had interesting critiques.

#gaymediasowhite makes it seem like being featured in these tired vapid glossies is a/the goal. Like they aren't worthy of me,” tweeted @Blaqueer.

Some commented that gay men of color are only talked about in the context of tragic victim stories or are shown as criminals.

“When we're mentioned, it’s usually about STIs, tragedy, or homophobia,” said Victor T., ‎@wondermann5.

#GayMediaSoWhite highlights how white privilege permeates LGBT spaces as well and people exist at the intersection of race & sexuality,” said Diatonic Dissonance, ‎@urbangaygriot.

Two months ago #TweetLikeAWhiteGay tried to start the same conversation about racism in gay media, saying that gay media should make sure to be inclusive of all kinds of LGBT people, especially since it claims to represent a minority.

Identity politics can be so divisive.

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Mairead McArdle
Mairead McArdle
Mairead McArdle is a writer for MRC Culture.