Holy Birthday Surprises, Batman! Big Bang Theory Celebrates 200th Episode and Sheldon’s Birthday

To celebrate CBS’s The Big Bang Theory’s 200th episode, “The Celebration Experimentation” features Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) birthday party. No big deal, right? Wrong. His friends convince him that it will be a fun thing, not the disappointing experiences of his childhood. His big surprise present? A visit from Adam West, television’s original Batman.

Leonard (Johnny Galeck) gets West’s contact information from comic book store owner, Stuart (Kevin Sussman) and Adam West says yes, after the guys agree to pay him and provide transportation. En route to the party, the group debates the standard question – who played Batman best? West chimes in. He takes credit for wearing the Batman costume sans the muscle padding used by modern day superheroes.

Leonard: Are you crazy? How can you put Michael Keaton in front of Christian Bale?

West: Oh, please. Even my poodles know Bale's overrated.

Raj: Thank you! That's why I say Keaton's number one. He brought a sense of humor to the role.

West:  Oh, if you're gonna factor in a sense of humor, then I should be at the top of the list. It should be me, Keaton, Kilmer, Lego, Bale, and that pretty boy Clooney.

Howard: Really? You're ahead of Bale? The man who personified the words, (deep voice): "I'm Batman."

West:  I never had to say I'm Batman. I showed up. People knew I was Batman. Everywhere I went-- on the TV show, mall openings... Julie Newmar's bungalow.

Leonard: I'm sold-- you're ahead of Bale.

West:  There's another reason I should be higher on the list. All those other guys had muscles built into their costumes. All I had in my Batsuit was 100%, grade-a West.

Leonard: Can we just all agree we're worried about Affleck?

Group: Sure. Yeah, of course.

West: What's an Affleck?

But wait, there’s more. When it comes time to sing Happy Birthday to Sheldon, a second surprise guest appears. It’s Stephen Hawking. Well, he appears via Skype, but nonetheless, Sheldon is thrilled. Hawking sings along with the gang.

Leonard: Ready when you are, Professor Hawking. And a one, and a two...
♪♪ Happy birthday to you
♪♪ Happy birthday to you ♪♪
♪♪ Happy birthday, dear Sheldon ♪♪
♪♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪♪ ...to you. (Cheering)

Other frequent guest stars made an appearance at the birthday party, too. Sara Gilbert, Christine Baranski, John Ross Bowie and Wil Wheaton all showed up for the 200th episode. Fun touch.

Karen Townsend
Karen Townsend is an MRC Culture TV Blogger