Media Fire Wildly into the Rough by Ripping Golfer Daly for White House Visit

To many in the media, ripping President Donald Trump and trying to shame his friends is par for the course. By taking his family to the White House to visit the President, pro-golfer John Daly just opened the door for more hacks at the President the left-stream media love to hate. Trump haters fired chip shots at Daly after he tweeted about the fun he had at the White House:


Rick Reilly, 11-time national sports-writer of the year and member of the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame, belittled himself by childishly criticizing Daly in a tweet of his own:

The feud between these two goes back a few years when Reilly caddied for Daly and then used Daly quotes that were supposed to be "off-the-record" in a book. But now that Daly has been outed as a friend of Trump's, he is fair game.

David Hookstead, of The Smoke Room blog, teed off on Trump this way:

Daly paying Trump a little visit is exactly what his administration needs at the moment. His son is being accused of colluding with Russians after a meeting with a Russian lawyer, but President Trump knows how to control the narrative.

Who wants to talk about Russia or politics when one of the most entertaining athletes in America is at the White House? Genius move from Trump.

Also, Daly has to be the most entertaining athlete to ever step foot in the White House, right? The man is a walking and talking stereotype of an American man who loves tobacco, alcohol, women and gambling.

<<< Please support MRC's NewsBusters team with a tax-deductible contribution today. >>> hit this approach shot at the President's friend:

Daly, who refers to Trump as a "great friend," has been a vocal supporter of the president from Day 1, and most recently on Twitter, when he appeared to turn down an invitation from Brittany Lincicome to attend her upcoming charity event because of comments Lincicome made ahead of the U.S. Women's Open, which is being played at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

"Hopefully, maybe he doesn't show up and it won't be a big debacle and it will be about us and not him," she said a week ago.

A writer for Barstoolsports who goes by "Trent" fired wildly into the rough with this errant stroke:

So I honestly think there isn’t a single thing Donald Trump wouldn’t do for John Daly. Not one thing. Daly could ask Trump to blow up the moon and it would just happen. No questions asked. We’d instantly toss an atomic bomb at the moon. Daly could ask to be his Vice President and Trump would figure out a way to kick Mike Pence to the curb. There have been fewer bromances in history stronger than the one between Donald Trump and John Daly. Just guys being dudes loving each other.

If these writers were intelligent, they'd all call "mulligan" on these cheap, errant shots.

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