Teen Vogue: Cecile Richards the 'Most Badass Feminist EVER'

Teen Vogue has declared Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to be “the most badass feminist EVER.”

To commemorate Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary, Teen Vogue asked Richards to be a part of its “Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self” series. In it, Richards spoke to a young freshman woman in college, preparing her “to fight your entire life for the right of you and every other woman to control her body …”

Richards explained that as a woman, “you’re gonna get paid less for working harder, you’re gonna get treated differently …” Although, despite what Richards said, the gender wage gap is grossly overstated.

The article described Richards as “easily one of today’s most important feminists,” discussing the “incredible strides” her organization has made, including “modernizing healthcare for transgender patients, helping our government form universal health care,” and of course, endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

While praising Richards’ accomplishments, even citing her late mother, lefty Texas Governor Ann Richards, as “one of the biggest badasses in U.S. history,” the article scorned Planned Parenthood critics. It recalled when “an anti-abortion group illegally infiltrated Planned Parenthood facilities, then recorded and edited interviews with staff to paint a picture of malpractice…” The article neglected to mention that this “picture of malpractice” ended up being the harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts.

The article then mentioned how this scandal, as well as the attempts to defund Planned Parenthood facilities, culminated on November 27, 2015, “when a terrorist opened fire at a Colorado Springs clinic.” The article proclaimed, “It suddenly became clear: The war on women was very real.” Of course Teen Vogue would equate politicians trying to defund the baby part-selling abortion giant to the madman who murdered three people. And forget to mention the pro-life police officer killed trying to save the lives of those inside the abortion clinic during the shooting.

Richards ended the video urging young women to vote. She explained that who’s in office “is gonna have more impact on your life than probably anything else.” She then touted typical left-wing electoral issues asserting, the election’s “gonna impact who you can marry and, you know, whether you have your own reproductive rights … whether you get equal pay…”

In January, Clinton tweeted, “I’ll take on Republicans or anyone who tries to interfere with women’s health. Proud to have @PPact’s support in this important election.”

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