Gawker: Megyn Kelly Is a 'Repellent, Race-Baiting Bigot!'

The GOP debates have become full combat, even for moderators. During the third Fox News GOP debate, liberal lunatics from  the gossip site Gawker attacked moderator Megyn Kelly as a “repellent, race-baiting bigot.”

After Kelly pressed Donald Trump on his past contradictory statements, Gawker tweeted an article entitled, “Megyn Kelly is a Horrible Person,” and called her a “repellent, race-baiting bigot:”

“Megyn Kelly is just as racist—or cynically willing to play the part—as every man she works with at Fox News,” Gawker columnist Sam Biddle wrote on Jan. 4, 2016.

Biddle went on to attack Fox News viewers as well, saying, “Kelly makes sure to discuss the world with the same blunt, unsophisticated perspective as the spooked whites who watch her. Her career has been one long, low, racist dogwhistle.”

“Is the best alternative to the Angry Racist Old Men of Fox News really just an Angry Racist Young Woman of Fox News?” Biddle asked in closing.

Gawker doesn’t just hate people who work at Fox. In April 2015, Gawker smeared police as being “America’s terrorists.”

“The killings of minorities by police are instructive in this regard …. because they are agents of the state, and so their actions, and the consequences they face, serve as a sort of index of the public will,” Gawker wrote.

Gawker has criticized the GOP presidential candidates in the past as well. After the CNBC GOP debate in October, 2015, Gawker tried to take conservatives to task by lamenting that exposing the liberal media “is the most popular refuge of the scoundrel” showing that the GOP field is neither “honest” nor “wise.”

The remaining four GOP candidates, Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Gov. John Kasich, faced off on March 3, 2016, at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, and Fox News Channel chief political anchor Bret Baier moderated the debate.

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