Flashback: Snoop Dogg Called Trump A 'B*tch A** N*gga'

Editor’s note: This article contains explicit language.

Shooting President Trump in a recent music video wasn’t Snoop Dogg’s first anti-Trump performance.

The hip hop icon released a new music video on March 12 in which he depicted himself assassinating Donald Trump.  However, this was just his latest attack against President Donald Trump.

The rapper also posted a vulgar Instagram video on July 19, 2016, where he mouthed the words “Fuck Donald Trump” and told then-presidential candidate Trump “go get you a new haircut, you bitch-ass nigga.”

Despite the racist tirade, Snoop Dogg still headlined a DNC party right after Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination on July 28. During his performance, the hip hop idol led the DNC crowd in a “Fuck Donald Trump” chant and said “Hillary, you’re my favorite girl,” according to Daily Caller.  

While screaming “Fuck Donald Trump” and hurling racist slurs at Trump is vile, those actions were tame compared to Snoop Dogg’s latest music video. In it, he fired a gun at a clown-faced President Trump. There’s a realistic bang, a flash, and the Trump character recoils as if he had been shot in the head.  

Earlier in the video, while President Ronald Klump holds a press conference at “The Clown House,” someone off screen hits him over the head with a madball (a tube sock with a hard object in the toe).

Snoop Dogg’s video predictably also featured other foul language, marijuana use and attacks against police officers.

Despite the rapper depicting a presidential assassination, the media outlets that covered the video were unphased.
MRC Business reached out to Martha Stewart to ask if she would be cutting ties with Snoop Dogg because of the video. Stewart and the hip hop artist costar have a series of cooking shows. So far, Stewart’s team has not responded.

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