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Notorious PBS liberal Gwen Ifill took to Twitter to defend David Chalian, the former Yahoo Washington bureau chief who was fired for claiming that Mitt and Ann Romney are "happy to have a party with black people drowning," claiming that he was unjustly fired. Her defense was markedly over-the-top:

"One mistake does not change this. @DavidChalian is God's gift to political journalism. #IStandwithDavid"

Yahoo has fired its Washington bureau chief David Chalian after NewsBusters exclusively revealed his offensive remarks that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his wife Ann were "happy to have a party with black people drowning."

Chalian made the comment during a live webcast of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Here is Yahoo's statement:

During live coverage of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa, Yahoo News Washington bureau chief David Chalian provided the perfect example of the pervasive anti-Republican bias Mitt Romney faces in his bid to unseat President Barack Obama.

In video broadcast Monday night by ABC and Yahoo over the Internet, Chalian can be heard claiming that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann are unconcerned about the fate of residents of the New Orleans area who are currently being hit by Hurricane Isaac.

Given the extreme media interest in the subject of abortion of late and the press's imaginary link between views of a Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin and Republican GOP hopeful Mitt Romney, it's worth considering the actual position of President Barack Obama on the issue.

Doing so shows who the real extremist on the subject of abortion is. The candidate whose positions are further removed from the majority of Americans is Barack Obama, something the media will almost certainly never tell voters.

While some sectors of the American economy have changed allegiances this presidential cycle in terms of their donations to the major political parties, one industry that hasn't changed its allegiances is media.

That probably doesn't come as a surprise to readers of this site but the numbers are still interesting nonetheless:

After expanding their nightly coverage of the major political party conventions in 2008, the nation’s broadcast networks have decided to cut back this year. As a result, Ann Romney, wife of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, will be completely ignored when she speaks at the GOP convention next Monday in Tampa, Florida.

Between them, the broadcast nets still attract a significant plurality of American television viewers. While online news consumption has grown drastically, the vast majority of video, 94 percent, consumed by Americans is via their television sets, meaning that Romney will have a harder time introducing himself to non-political voters than President Barack Obama did four years ago.

Young Americans, who were a key component of candidate Barack Obama's election strategy in 2008, have been having an awful time of it lately. According to two separate surveys, many young adults 18 to 29 are stuck in the awful employment market. The majority have a bachelor's degree but are not in jobs that require a college degree.

Interestingly enough, the jobs which traditionally had been filled by recent college graduates have been going to older Americans, meaning that many are stuck in underemployment:

Sometimes, the decisions made by government bureaucrats are so stupid, it's hard to believe that they're real. Today's case in point: The Department of Justice has decided to make an effort to find attorneys with "severe intellectual" and "psychiatric disabilities."

Considering that this is the same agency that brought us the ill-conceived Fast and Furious and its subsequent cover-up, perhaps the severely intellectually disabled lawyers have already started work.

Now that the normally loyal White House press corps has stopped continually carrying water for President Obama (they only do it 90 percent of the time now), the Administration is resorting to a new tactic of going to local media for interviews while at the same time setting specific questions for them to ask about.

Instead of being asked to account for ridiculous statements from his campaign staff and the outrageous claims of Harry Reid, President Obama is using hand-picked local journalists and requiring them to ask about the budget deal he signed with Republicans a year ago which requires automatic budget cuts called sequestration in the event no official budget is signed. Many of these cuts will be to the military, something that the Obama White House is keen on letting swing state voters know about.

For just forty years now, the world has officially been doomed to destruction. Sure, we've always had religious cult leaders pronouncing the death of civilization due to the sin-of-the-moment but 1972 represented a different kind of doom and gloom: a wholly secular kind pretending to be scientific.

Today the intellectual descendants of the people who produced the book The Limits to Growth are still given credibility. It's fun taking a look at what they predicted:

The controversy surrounding Vice President Joe Biden’s offensive claim that Republicans want to enslave black Americans has become such a concern to the Obama White House that the veep’s staff have resorted to trying to directly censor the news coverage about him.

In what is widely believed to be an unprecedented move, the Biden press shop has severely restricted access to vice president and begun telling journalists what they should write about his activities as they write them up.

Over at the opinion page of Investor's Business Daily, the editors noticed an all-too-common trend in American journalism: blaming Republicans for "negative" campaigns and not Democrats.

If you've ever wondered why you don't see Republicans punch as hard as Democrats in their rhetoric or in their advertising, this is why:

Self-absorbed New York Times columnist David Brooks is famous for his insipid belief that Barack Obama's pant crease meant that he'd be "a very good president," now it looks as though the Washington Post has decided to join him in sartorial absurdity by dispatching reporter Katherine Boyle to write a 700-word piece pondering the meaning of Paul Ryan's suit size.

Is this the beginning of a desperate attempt to Palinize the new GOP vice presidential nominee? It's too soon to tell but whatever the case, it is truly amazing to see Boyle ponder the larger significance of the suit that Ryan wore when GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduced him to voters last Saturday.

The bias of the nation's top political reporters in favor of President Barack Obama is so obvious that just 18 percent of the American public believe that journalists are favoring his challenger, Republican Mitt Romney.

In a poll conducted by Rasmussen Research, a significant majority (59 percent) of those surveyed said the media have treated Obama better than Romney. The rest were not sure.

Liberal internet news site Huffington Post has egg on its face after it ran a story accusing Fox News Channel of deliberately removing the verbal flub GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney made while introducing his running-mate, Paul Ryan, as “the next president of the United States.”

It was a small error but since liberals are always eager to portray themselves as more intelligent, the minor gaffe immediately entered the Democratic bloodstream. After all, everyone knows that a verbal misstep is the perfect counter to three-and-a-half years of more than 8 percent unemployment.

Now that Mitt Romney has named Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running-mate on the Republican ticket, dishonest liberals are dusting off their old standby of "Mediscare," making false accusations that conservatives want to completely dismantle Medicare and Social Security simply because they wish to make some changes in order to preserve them. Democrats, it is implied, would never dare to change such programs.

Unfortunately for this argument, there is one prominent liberal Democrat who has not only reduced Medicare spending growth, he's even touted his willingness to do the same to Social Security.

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The far left has already started a campaign to misinform the public about Paul Ryan's views about Medicare and how he supposedly wants to destroy the program. (The irony, of course, is that President Obama actually reduced funding of the program by $700 billion as part of his healthcare law.)

Be that as it may, for those wondering what Ryan actually says about Medicare, National Review provides a helpful primer on the congressman's views, noting particularly that the newest Medicare proposal he's touting actually is quite a bit different from his older one:

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Even though President Obama's remark that business entrepreneurs "didn't build" their own successes was made weeks ago, it is still continuing to harm him among voters. Now, it is also starting to harm other Democrats besides Obama: