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Ken Shepherd lives in New Carrollton, Md., with his wife, Laura, and children Mercy and Abraham. Ken graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland in 2001 with a Bachelors of Arts in Government & Politics and a citation in Public Leadership. 

Ken worked for the Media Research Center from May 2001 to April 2016.

In his spare time, Ken enjoys karaoke, tennis, reading, and discussing theology or politics.

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Imagine, if you will, that in 2003 Fox News brought on a disgraced Bush administration official who had been barred from Wall Street trading to talk up the president's economic policies. Imagine also that the anchor doing the interview failed to disclose that fact to viewers.

Well, that's pretty much what happened in the 2 p.m. Eastern hour of MSNBC coverage today, when anchor Thomas Roberts interviewed former Obama car czar Steven Rattner.

Here's an odd story that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting.

It remains to be seen if the broadcast or cable networks touch on the story:

Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln "are peas in the same pod," at least in the eyes of technology reporter Andrew Leonard.

And just how exactly?

There's nothing more intolerable to the Left than "intolerance" (read traditional religious conviction on sex and marriage).

In a June 1 post at's War Room blog, Williams cheered  Miley Cyrus's rude response via Twitter last Thursday to a fan who was chagrined at the pop star's glee at folks "hating on Urban Outfitters" for a donation a company executive had made years ago to social conservative Republican Rick Santorum (Pa.), an opponent of same-sex marriage:

Mild-mannered Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty may have his own Rev. Wright,'s Justin Elliott sensationally alerted readers of the War Room blog Thursday morning.

The reason, Elliott argues: the former Minnesota governor's preacher believes in manmade global warming and wants a liberal immigration reform policy enacted into law:

British subject and Heritage Foundation staffer Nile Gardiner has been so struck by President Obama's snubs against its longtime ally Great Britain that he's compiled a list of the top 10 insults.

Gardiner, who serves as Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at Heritage, appeared on Washington talk station WMAL's "Morning Majority" today to discuss his list:

There were two budget votes yesterday in the Senate, but the Washington Post would rather you only focus on the one that got 40 more votes than Obama's.

Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) plan was rejected by 57 senators, including 5 Republicans. But President Obama's budget blueprint was rejected by 97 senators and supported by zero.

Washington Post reporters covering the development waited until the 17th paragraph in their 22-paragraph May 26 front page story to note the outcome of Obama budget vote:


The U.S. Constitution "is archaic and boring and lots of it no longer applies anymore."

The grumbling of a snotty 9th grade student in civics class? Nope, it's the pronouncement of Salon political reporter Alex Pareene.

Time magazine's Feifei Sun took the media obsession with Newt Gingrich's half-million dollar credit line at Tiffany & Co. and cranked it up to 11.

In a May 24 NewsFeed blog post, Sun accounted for $87,500 of the expenditures by scouring photos of Callista Gingrich and tabulating the value of her bling.


"Thousands of companies and nonprofits that received funds from the Obama administration’s economic stimulus program owe hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid taxes, according to estimates in a new government report."

That's how Washington Post staffer Ed O'Keefe opened his May 24 story on the matter.

It's just a shame that the article was buried on page A19:


For your listening pleasure another brilliant minute of WMAL's Chris Plante. (see below page break)

In this clip, the conservative talk show host rips apart a liberal caller who wants a "fairness doctrine" for radio.

The Associated Press today offered readers a 24-paragraph exclusive that practically promoted Frank Bailey's anti-Palin tell-all book that hits bookstores on May 24.

While the AP noted that "Palin’s attorney did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story," it appears the news wire made no further attempt to provide balance to its May 23 story, which chiefly conveys the former staffer's perspective on Palin's tenure in office as Alaska governor.

"Has the state's tax burden on homeowners become great enough to start looking at taxing 'intangible' property as well?"

That's how Larry Lange opened his May 22 article for the Seattle P-I website.

While Lange did note conservatives are not keen on the idea and Republicans have alternative ideas for Washington State tax reform, Lange failed to consider how taxing stocks, bonds, loans, trademarks and the like could discourage investment and economic growth.

In her May 20 Moderator's View blog post at "On Faith," entitled "May 21, 2011: Not the end of the world," Washington Post's Sally Quinn at one point describes a belief in the "end times" as one held by "a large segment of Christians."

But that's kind of like saying "a large segment of Hindus believe in reincarnation."

Poynter Institute's Jim Romenesko wrote yesterday about how the editor of the Annapolis Capital sought to apologize to readers for a gauzy article about a lesbian couple that ran on Mother's Day.

Only his colleagues in the newsroom pressured him not to publish it, at least not in his original draft form:


Our good friend Mark Levin went on a tear yesterday about Obama's Mid East policy speech in which he called for Israel to go back to pre-1967 borders, an arrangement that would be perilous for Israel's national security and very existence.

Yesterday our good friend Chris Plante of WMAL radio mocked the Obama reelection campaign for its dopey "Made in USA" birth certificate T-shirts.

(Watch the video after page break)

Even some liberal journalists are rolling their eyes at the Obama campaign's dopey move to sell campaign merchandise emblazoned with the president's birth certificate.

Time's Adam Sorensen scoffed that the "Birtherism Death Watch [Has] Jumped the Shark" in a May 18 Swampland blog post:

Goodwin Liu is a liberal UC Berkeley law professor that President Obama has nominated to the already ultra-liberal 9th Circuit.

Republicans have threatened a filibuster which will likely scuttle Liu's chances for confirmation.

Reporting the story, Los Angeles Times reporter James Oliphant noted that:


The Washington Post hopes you may want to "Widen Your World," with online "Master Class" courses that cost $200-$300 a pop.

For example, there's Steven Pearlstein's "Introduction to Economic Literacy."

[Lesson number one: don't spend $300 to have a liberal journalist lecture you.]

Budding oenophiles can bone up on "The Wines of Bordeaux" with Joseph Ward, which you may need after exploring the mind-numbing complexity of "How the Government Budgets and Operates."

For an image of the advertisement as I received it in my inbox this morning, check below the page break: