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Ken Shepherd lives in New Carrollton, Md., with his wife, Laura, and children Mercy and Abraham. Ken graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland in 2001 with a Bachelors of Arts in Government & Politics and a citation in Public Leadership. 

Ken worked for the Media Research Center from May 2001 to April 2016.

In his spare time, Ken enjoys karaoke, tennis, reading, and discussing theology or politics.

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The Big Three broadcast network evening newscasts all touched on the revelation that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter used private e-mails for government business and this well after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came under fire for exclusively conducting her official email correspondence that way. That said, only CBS's Evening News downplayed the significance of the story by omitting any Republican criticisms or soundbites.

Chris Matthews has made no secret of how much he loves the "perfect" Barack Obama in everything from his speaking style on down to his family life. But far be it from the hyperpartisan Hardball host to see Rubio's good looks and polished speaking style as plusses for him in a hypothetical general-election contest against Hillary Clinton.

It sure "[m]ust be nice to be a Democratic president" given the media's air cover for your foreign policy/war-on-terrorism failures, The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway sighed at the end of her December 15 piece detailing all the ways in which the media are "Being Pretty Quiet About Obama’s Failures."

Hemingway – who, you may recall, won the first annual Noel Sheppard award earlier this year – began by noting how:

Former John McCain presidential campaign advisor Steve Schmidt pushed back against Chris Matthews on tonight's Hardball when the latter whipped out his tired Bush-caused-ISIS talking point.

Kudos are in order for ProPublics for writing and for the Daily Beast in syndicating a story about how problematic the federal no-fly list is. 

MSNBC host Chris Matthews seems to have a problem with those who would call the torturers, rapists, and murderers who populate the ranks of ISIS as "animals."

On tonight's Tell Me Something I Don't Know"" segment wherein Hardball host Chris Matthews challenged his roundtable panelists to break some news, panelist Michelle Bernard succeeded when she informed the MSNBC anchor that Obama administration policy forbade visa-application screeners from looking at social media accounts for applicants like Tashfeen Malik, the female jihadi in the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

What does it take to get both Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh to say something kind about Donald Trump? Just make sure the target is the Hardball host's favorite archnemesis, Dick "it's pronounced CHEE-knee, by the way!" Cheney.

Today liberal Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) announced he is issuing an executive order to forbid gun sales in the Nutmeg State to any individual who happens to ping the federal no-fly list. Time magazine's John Samburn dutifully reported the development but without giving any consideration to the reaction from critics who charge it infringes on the Second Amendment rights of innocent Americans by a deprivation of their due process rights.

During a Hardball segment with two Republicans critical of Donald Trump's comments on temporarily halting Muslims from entering the United States, MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked the Log Cabin Republicans's Gregory Angelo, "suppose he said no gays could come in the country?"

In the AP Spin Meter today, the newswire's Bill Barrow and Jill Colvin hit Republican presidential candidates Bill Carson and Donald Trump over hypocrisy regarding gun rights. Both candidates have made statements in favor of civilian concealed carry as a preventative measure against terrorist attacks like San Bernardino.

Appearing on the December 8 Hardball, a furious Evan Kohlmann insisted that Donald Trump was literally putting U.S. servicemen and diplomats – as well as peaceful American Muslims – at risk with his rhetoric about temporarily keeping Muslims from being allowed to clear U.S. ports of entry. At one point Kohlmann invoked Hitler, challenging viewers at home to substitute the word "Jews" for "Muslims" in Trump's remarks.

In an exclusive story today for the Daily Beast, Shane Harris and Nancy Youssef give readers a sneak peek at the findings of an unpublished congressional probe criticizing the swap of alleged Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Gitmo detainees.

Earlier today, Fox News reported that Iran has tested "a new medium range ballistic missile test in breach of two United Nations Security Council resolutions." Yet none of Monday's Big Three broadcast network newscasts so much as mentioned the development.

If you're looking for a textbook example of over-the-top loaded language and bias in a headline, look no further than this from the Associated Press.

Our good friend at the Washington Free Beacon Stephen Gutowski – formerly of our sister site MRCTV – has an excellent piece up about how the liberal media are credulously parroting lefty gun-control advocates' who make it out as though there is literally just one mass shooting in America every day of the year. 

As Steve shows in his piece, it's simply not true as judged by impartial criteria laid down by the FBI.

"In Grim Ritual, Barack Obama Again Calls for Stricter Gun Control After Mass Shooting," blares the headline for a Wall Street Journal Washington Wire blog post by Byron Tau filed early Wednesday evening. In the story itself, Tau relays Obama's gun-control talking points from his latest interview, recorded Wednesday afternoon after news of the deadly San Bernardino mass shooting.

At the close of his December 2 Hardball program, Chris Matthews insisted that today's fatal mass shooting in San Bernardino, California was part of a "pattern." This, of course, was despite a full accounting of what precisely happened and despite early indictations that the shooting was rather unlike most spree shootings which involve mentally-disturbed lone gunmen.

The liberal Daily Beast website's Cheat Sheet digest declares last Friday a "dark day" by virtue of a new record for gun sales in the U.s. concluded in a 24-hour period.

In an interview with GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum on the December 1 edition of Hardball, MSNBC's Chris Matthews insisted that mass shootings don't happen "all over Europe." When an incredulous Santorum reminded Matthews about the November 13 Paris terrorist attacks, Matthews shot back that the Paris perpetrators were terrorists and not "locals."