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Alex Nitzberg is a conservative journalist, commentator, and NewsBusters contributor. He previously worked as an intern at the American Journalism Center at Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia where he wrote articles and hosted the #MediaMadness podcast. Alex graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Communication from Southeastern University. In addition to Twitter account, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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The media have consistently demonstrated their nearly monolithic pro-LGBT slant and this week, USA Today's website used its weekly podcast recommendations to promote LGBT-related content. Published under their “ENTERTAiN THiS” section, the May 29 article (and updated May 30) wa titled, “Podcast picks ahead of Pride Month.”

Even if you drive a hybrid car, install solar panels on your house, maintain a compost pile in your backyard, and collect rainwater for reuse, you’re still contributing to climate change if you eat beef, according to proponents of climate change ideology.


An April 10 Rolling Stone article featured an interview with Dr. Willie Parker, an abortionist who identifies as a Christian. Parker’s recently released book is titled “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice” and was ghostwritten by Lisa Miller according to


An April 6 piece published on the uber-liberal by Chauncey DeVega featured a podcast interview with Philip Zimbardo, the psychologist responsible for the renowned “Stanford Prison Experiment.” Not surprisingly, both men trashed both President Trump and his supporters in the podcast. 


As many media outlets jettison journalistic standards by blatantly promoting and celebrating the LGBT movement,’s pro-LGBTQ propaganda arm “NBC OUT” recently announced that it will create a “#Pride30 List” for “Pride Month” this June. 

In advance of the Monday evening premiere of the CBSN Originals documentary Gender: The Space Between, published propaganda pieces promoting the radical left’s perverted LGBT agenda. The articles’ liberal narratives, devoid of any conservative counterbalance, provided another example of the media’s activist approach to covering the revolution to redefine gender and normalize all permutations of sexual proclivity.


A March 22 article published on The Atlantic described illegal aliens’ trepidation about potential deportation and the related angst they and their families experience. Despite the liberal tenor of the article, this stressful situation is the consequence of illegal aliens’ decision to violate the law. 


NBC’s pro-LGBT propaganda arm, “NBC OUT,” recently published a piece about proposed “anti-LGBT bills” that will supposedly undermine “civil rights.” The article began with the story of “married” homosexual men who “became foster parents to two children, both under the age of 2.” 

A Thursday article published on NBC’s pro-LGBTQ site NBC Out was beside itself, publishing a one-sided press release for “parents of transgender kids” and leaders after attending a meeting with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos earlier in the week.